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About us  
ART-MML Exclusive was born out of love for art; a love that can only get stronger with all the special experiences
and the wonderful art that can be seen on this site.


The name ART-MML is composed of the names ART, which speaks for itself,

ML, which stands for Mary Louise and the second M stands for Margaret, the second name of my daughter;  since the creation of this site in 2008, she has been a technical help and support and more of course ......
That ART-MML Exclusive fills a need, is clearly to be seen every day, with the increasing number
of international visitors and the huge number of hits since 2008.


ART-MML Exclusive has really become a site where art and interesting facts find and reinforce

each other…



ART-MML Exclusive



ART-MML Exclusive means ‘accessible’ Art. You are just a few clicks away

from special news and dozens of galleries of our artists .... '




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ART-MML Exclusive,

International Expositions









*Journal du Centre, newspaper, august 2010

*De Polder, lokal newspaper in Vlaanderen, mei 2011

*Gazet van Antwerpen, newspaper, august 2011

*ATV, Antwerpen TV, about ART, august 2011

*De Volkskrant




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