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Welcome to the art site of ART-MML Exclusive,
A site where art and interesting facts, find and reinforce each other.
ART-MML Exclusive is an art site that was created in 2008 out of love for art.

It is the site that provides an opportunity for many renowned artists, living and working

in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, to present their paintings and objects in

a 'private gallery' ..
By clicking the link Kunstenaars-Artistes-KŁnstler, you can directly visit the artist

of your choice. 
By clicking on Exposities you will find some expositions of our artists (new page).


One click on En Route allows you to plan an Art Route; you will find information about the area you want to visit, about museums, and places to stay in Belgium and France.
By clicking on Links-links-liens  you will find our ART- MML sympathizers.
ART-MML Exclusive is also devoting attention to stolen art; information is available on the page Ontvreemd (Lost/stolen).
On the last two pages you will find information on how to Contact us and Over ons (about us),
a summary and some background information about ART-MML.
We hope you will enjoy viewing and reading our website



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